Matador : How to quit your job and travel the world

How to quit your job and travel the world by JOSH HELLER on MARCH 2, 2012 · 47 COMMENTS Amazing.   This is my dream!  Though…I guess that would first require I have an actual job hahah.  This definitely reminds me of my brother, who just took a four month hiatus from work to bike across the U.S.  Crazy, I … Continue reading

NYT: Avoiding Baggage Fees

Baggage fees seriously a pain.  I think some of these ideas are pretty clever and would be pretty funny if security opened up their items.  I just go with the “wear as many jackets as possible, and string shoes and bulky items to the outside of the carry-on” strategy haha. NYT:  Avoiding Baggage Fees By … Continue reading

A night of cold, creatures, and art

Nuit blanche, a few weeks ago, was uncharacteristically cold (which is why I think all of us ended up with…well, colds, the following week), and the art was as usual, very…interesting.  We really liked the exhibit with fire representing the heart, probably because there was warm fire spewing out of these 15 ft tall towers…but … Continue reading

Protected: Everything is better on a boat

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I will post a more throrough entry in the future, but wanted to share some photos of GORGEOUS Iceland with you.  It was an awesome and breath-taking trip with the family.

Protected: And so the visits begin!

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Protected: Crazy days-ee

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I left my heart north of San Francisco

Bowen Island

(This is being posted 9 months after I started it.) Last June?  Course in Vancouver, though my highlights were at Stanley Park, Bowen Island, Whistler, UBC.  Beautiful.  So serene.  Oh, and I learned a lot at the course too lol.  And ate a lot 🙂  I think I ate at that ramen place 2x in … Continue reading

the lake

we went to the lake last weekend, and it was so serene.  we listened to gary’s ipod on the way up.  oman, the wind blowing by the car was so nice.  i’d forgotten how nice car wind can be; i get why dogs stick their heads out of car windows.  most of the day we … Continue reading


went to ottawa this past weekend with some lab friends for the tulip festival.  it was awesome!  the flowers were …okay, they were mostly dead, but some were really beautiful.  the weather was amazing; so nice to feel the sun. we walked along the canal for an entire day, saw the ship locks,  and ate. … Continue reading