On a budget: Bird Costume

Ever wanted to be a bird and fly away, on a budget?  I did it for Halloween (I know, this is super belated haha).  I wanted to see if I could create one.  I was inspired by Handmade Charlotte’s post on bird wings: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-bird-wings-children/. Here’s how: 1. Buy or collect materials: Fabric for the dress and … Continue reading

On a budget: Jewelry Board

Ever had jewelry pile up and not been able to find anything?  Me too!  Money’s not on my side right now, so I decided to make a jewelry organizer instead of buying one.  Inspired my friend Amy’s push pin board- turned- jewelry board, I decided to make a jewelry board of my own. Here’s how: … Continue reading

Turning a tea towel into an apron

Super simple sewing project!  There are a lot of tutorials for tea towel aprons out there.  I modified some tutorials: sewed up some straps from leftover fabric, and a bit of the top to make this polka dot tea towel into an apron.

Skirt Sewing Project #2

I did some modifications to the last tutorial to suit hand sewing, and added some pockets! 🙂

Skirt sewing project #1

Jenny bo-benny! This is a shout out to you because whether or not you remember, I challenged the fact that you wore skirts and then promised you one for your birthday…like 3 years ago haha.  And that’s how long I’ve been carrying around this fabric, which is VERY pink lol. I used this tutorial to … Continue reading

Random fun for some

It’s been an awesome year+ doing things that make me happy; things that I didn’t make time to do in undergraduate.  So here’s a collection of what I’ve been baking/sewing/creating. Cards!  Yes, no one ever knows what they are. Sewing! Baking!  Yes, they are often times burnt lol.  

sew-sew projects

Something needs to work or have a result…because we all know lab work isn’t. ;9  So I’ve picked up ghetto hand-sewing.  If you actually know how to sew, lol your thoughts/recommendations are appreciated!

out of the shoebox and into a home

i finally moved from my mini-cave into a real apartment. i’m pretty happy.  i started decorating and sewing stuff for the apartment, so it feels homey now.  the area is great.  lots of grocery stores 🙂 and restaurants.  closer to my friends’ places and work. 🙂