On a budget: Bird Costume

Ever wanted to be a bird and fly away, on a budget?  I did it for Halloween (I know, this is super belated haha).  I wanted to see if I could create one.  I was inspired by Handmade Charlotte’s post on bird wings: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-bird-wings-children/.

Here’s how:

1. Buy or collect materials:

  • Fabric for the dress and wings (nothing like polka dots!)
  • T-shirts or other fabric for the feathers (free from a bunch of great friends)
  • Bird mask (bought it from the dollar store)

2. Sew the dress.  I just made a simple tube, and took it in at the back. I attached thick straps.

3. Make the wings.  Cut a half-circle from your dress/main fabric.  Make the diameter the size of your wingspan.  Cut the half-circle in half, creating two quarter-circles.

3. Make the feathers.  Create thick, uniform strips of t-shirt (or whatever fabric you chose to use) for the feathers.  Create a template for the feathers, leaving ~2 in. border along the length of the strip.  Cut the feather/scalloped pattern from the strips.

4. Sew the feather strips along the body of the dress and wings.  Continue sewing the strips, staggering the feathers every other layer.

5.  Now, go strut that bird stuff!

* Alternate uses: any tube dress or funky outfit!



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