Al Jazeera’s “Gangster’s Granny”: Sometimes it’s nice to find uplifting stories in the news….

Especially when they’re usually emphasizing the sadness and craziness.   This video about a woman who created neutral space for Ecuadorian gangs to reform made my morning.  Hope it makes yours too! Gangster’s Granny: Filmmakers: John Dickie and Ioan Grillo Advertisements

NYT: Avoiding Baggage Fees

Baggage fees seriously a pain.  I think some of these ideas are pretty clever and would be pretty funny if security opened up their items.  I just go with the “wear as many jackets as possible, and string shoes and bulky items to the outside of the carry-on” strategy haha. NYT:  Avoiding Baggage Fees By … Continue reading

Sooooo true…the life of a grad student

Finding credits go to Gord, and lol these links sure do capture the reality of grad life: 1. THE TOP 10 WORST THINGS ABOUT WORKING IN A LAB By Adam Ruben Jan 27, 2012 2. S*** GRAD STUDENTS SAY