A night of cold, creatures, and art

Nuit blanche, a few weeks ago, was uncharacteristically cold (which is why I think all of us ended up with…well, colds, the following week), and the art was as usual, very…interesting.  We really liked the exhibit with fire representing the heart, probably because there was warm fire spewing out of these 15 ft tall towers…but eventually left because it felt like a serious fire hazard lol.  http://www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/

Silly, happy couple:

Epic, headless (?) times:

Really, my favorite part isn’t ever the art, it’s about the people I am around and how we interact with the art…and about confirming how awesome my friends are.  Mostly because apparently some of them are willing to stand still for extended periods of time.   In the midst of huge crowds.  In the center of the Square.  At midnight.


Take 1: Awesome light effects, no?

Take 2: hehe Poor Yogesh being pushed around.

Take 3: Best for last.  Was probably a few minutes-worth of photos haha.


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