Baking time!

Berry Lemon Whoopie Pies, melt in your mouth, fruity deliciousness

Occasion: Nancy’s Ph.D. defense party!
Thoughts:   Loved the flavor.  But mixed too much leftover berry puree into the whipped cream.  Luckily the liquid settled to the bottom, so it didn’t interfere too much with the berry cream consistency.  Cake-cookies are so delicious; light lemon flavor complemented berry cream so well!

Butterscotch Cream Pie, light weight, light flavor butterscotch-iness

Occasion: Nancy’s Ph.D. defense party!
Thoughts:  Amazingly, light and fluffy cream pie made with leftover butterscotch ganache.  Because the ganache isn’t as thick as peanut butter, the consistency was a bit softer than I would have liked.  But the flavor was awesome; tasted like butterscotch pudding.
Recipe(s): Adapted from

Lemon coconut squares, refreshing and lemony bites

Occasion: Beach day
Thoughts:  Tart and sweet, and everything neat.  Looked like the egg-lemon mixture was starting to separate when mixing, but after baking, it had a normal lemon square texture.  Will test out Martha Stewart’s mix-in order next time.

One Response to “Baking time!”
  1. Holly says:

    omg these pics are making me hungry! and it’s 9:38pm my time! haha

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