Food extravaganza

Panko-crusted walnut honey fish bake with sweet potato fries, pretty gosh darn delicious and quick

Occasion: Wanted something yum
Thoughts:  Very quick and easy recipe.  Fresh fish + honey and mustard + nuts + panko crumbs.  SO GOOD.  Fries come out delicious, but a little soft.
Recipe: Pulled from many recipes.  Coat fish with honey, oil, mustard mix.  Then coat with panko crumbs and walnut crumbs (Holly! These were the crumbs you made when you visited ;).  Cut sweet potato into even strips.  Then coat with oil, some paprika or chili powder and pepper.  Bake fries and fish (can’t remember,  lol, but I think they were at different temperatures.  So bake the lower temp first then raise the heat and bake the other.)

Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas, mmm  awesome flavors

Occasion: Cravings.  What more can I say?
Thoughts:  Used rotisserie chicken (so perfect for quick meal preparation.)  Sauce was SO good.  Mine came out a bit crispier than I would have liked.  Will douse baking enchiladas with more sauce next time.


Spaghetti squash spaghetti, oman, so delicious and healthy!!

Occasion:  I had a spaghetti squash.
Thoughts:  Really amazing and good timing.  By the time I was done baking the squash, my sauce was ready which was perfect!  When I added the squash stringy goodness to my spaghetti sauce (seasoned sliced pork chops, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, red bell paper, spicy pepper, corn), it soaked up all the flavors and was SO yummy.  The squash is pretty big; I got 3 servings out of the squash (and that was my serving size, which is HUGE lol).


Knock you naked brownies
, delicious moist ooey-gooey brownie/cake

Occasion: Anna’s successful reclass!
Thoughts:  So simple to make and SO good!  And no, you are not actually turned naked.


Toffey squares, yummy and sweet.  What more could you want?

Occasion: Anna’s successful reclass!
Thoughts:  Very quick recipe with typical staple ingredients.  And VERY good.  A twist on typical chocolate chip cookies.

Rice pudding, creamy goodness

Occasion: Wanted dessert.  Had rice.
Thoughts:  Super easy and reuse what you’ve already made with cooked rice (though I made a fresh batch, so might not taste as good with leftover rice? Not sure.)    Awesome and light sweet flavors.

Toffee cheesecake, yummy combination of toffee and chocolate

Occasion: pre-Epshita’s successful reclass!
Thoughts:  Was working with limited time and resources, so it was a little ghetto-ised.  I think I will add more sugar and less sour cream next time.  But definitely a good theoretical combo lol.
Recipe: Don’t remember!

Peanut butter oatmeal cookie, yummy and crispy

Occasion: Stress-relieving baking, always handy
Thoughts:  Easy to bake, keeps well for a few days, and so yummy.  A bit crispy, and they fit perfectly into my large peanut butter container!  lol
Recipe: Don’t remember where I got it from!


Buckeye balls, peanut butter + chocolate = amazing

Occasion: Prerna’s birthday!
Thoughts:  No bake, super sweet, delicious and quick chocolate-peanut butter balls.


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