went to ottawa this past weekend with some lab friends for the tulip festival.  it was awesome!  the flowers were …okay, they were mostly dead, but some were really beautiful.  the weather was amazing; so nice to feel the sun.

we walked along the canal for an entire day, saw the ship locks,  and ate. all the time.  i went on the trip with perfect travel buddies, who like  super loose agendas, eating-centered trips, and mellowness = awesome.  it was such a good break from work; because it felt like we were just floating around and endulging in food haha.

(left) parliament hill
(right) maple butter beaver tail. what else do I need to say?

(bottom) this was supposed to be an afternoon snack before the bus.  of course, we also shared a poutine (not pictured).

somehow the entire trip worked out serendipitously.  we thought we would have to wait until 3pm on saturday to check into the hotel, but somehow got in at 6am and napped until 10!  sw-eet. we wanted to see parliament hill, and randomly stumbled upon it along the canal.  we wanted to see the art gallery of ontario, and it was across from parliament hill.  we thought  we thought we wouldn’t get beaver tails, but found a vendor at the tulip festival during the last couple hours in ottawa.

what an awesome trip.


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